The School Kit Squad

Your essential teacher network.

Kia ora, Bula Vinaka, Tālofa, Mālō e lelei, Mālō nī, Kia orana, Nau Mai, Haere Mai ki School Kit.

Think of the School Kit Squad as a secret network of teachers.

Together we share a common goal of seeking innovative, unconventional and challenging teaching experiences for our students. 

Squad members are curious beings, hugely passionate about the business of teaching, fascinated by how our students learn, we strive to be better teachers, we seek a space to share our experiences and successes. We’re mindful of the role our teaching plays in shaping how the next generation will respond to the challenges they face. 

In here, we’re having professional conversations and creating community, sharing teaching ideas and challenging ourselves to do things differently.

Why should I join the Squad?

  1. Plan your teaching schedule for the next 18 months by registering for our kits. Then sit back and relax knowing your teaching programme is cross curricular, innovative, relevant and just generally awesome.
  2. Never miss a new kit. Get instant notifications whenever new kits are added to the School Kit calendar.
  3. We'll post three of our famous 'Ideas to Steal' each week. Quick teaching ideas based on our Watch, Talk, Do format.   
  4. Set up your own private group for your school teaching team, other teachers working towards a similar goal, your mates from Uni - whoever. 
  5. Join the conversation as our members share our experiences and successes without the prying eyes of facebook.

I've registered for a kit - now what?

If you’ve registered for a kit then you’ll also be granted access to a private kit page within the network where you can: 

  • Download the kit teacher guide and review key teaching ideas and themes. 
  • Share learnings with other teachers teaching the same kit at the same time as you.
  • Ask questions and seek clarity on any issue or problem you might be having.
  • Resolve any practical issues you might be having with individual kit components.
  • Access prompt support from a member of our School Kit Team to ensure your teaching experience is awesome.

School Kit. Who are we again?

At School Kit we make beautiful resources, made up of both physical and digital items, for NZ classrooms. Our kits result in powerful teaching and learning experiences for both teachers and their students.

Any classroom teacher, anywhere in the world can join The School Kit Squad teacher network. Any NZ classroom teacher can register for our kits, which we’ll deliver directly to your classroom. Kits are free of charge to NZ teachers on the understanding that you provide your professional opinion of the teaching and learning that results within an agreed timeframe.

Keep Up With The School Kit Squad On The Go
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